"Disney" collaboration


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This Original #mommyandkeegcollab piece was done in part of a series that includes my youngest son Keegan. Keegan is a sweet, rambunctious, full or life, creative little man that happens to be on the Autism Spectrum.

My sweet boy spends countless hours drawing away in every room in our home. I wanted to start a series where it not only showcased my love for bright colors and portraits but also could be something to showcase Keegan's love as well. In many of these pieces you will find drawings of Pixar and Disney characters. As well as movie production logos and family names.

The pieces measures at 11"x14" and is mixed media.
Materials: Acrylic, market, wax crayon, dye, pastel, and a resin seal.

A portion of each of these pieces goes into keegans own separate bank account for present and future services.

There are NO refunds on originals. This piece will ship with in 7-10 business days. Artist is NOT responsible
For shipping damage, but each Original is shipped with Insurance.




by Lauren Noel
and Keegan Noel